Fantastic home working opportunity explained brilliantly!


So here’s some advice that people really should listen to AND take on board.

I want to write, I want to be an author and I want to sell as many books as I could traditional publishing. So selling ebooks gave me the opportunity to do that, right?

Wrong. Self-publishing means an uphill struggle. And self-promotion means money I haven’t got to market and advertise my passion.

So what did I do to turn this around?

I researched means of working from home without having to spend a fortune putting my son in daycare. A job that fits around me and doesn’t require filling out silly surveys or answering calls.

I’m a skeptical person and I’m aware of scams, having been scammed by a company in the past. So I exhausted every option (and I mean reviewing, going on forums, endless searching) and I found one company that EVERYBODY seemed…

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~ by teedizzle on March 5, 2012.

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